Sunday, 21 February 2010

Positively refreshed!

Wow, didn't take long for me to get behind on blogging! I have been busy enjoying half term for the last week!

Teaching can really take over your life in term time but the holidays are a big bonus. Without them, I'm not sure there would be many teachers left!

I have had a great holiday going out, staying in and visiting family. During my first year I let work overwhelm me in the holidays and often went back to school stressed. This year I have learnt that the holidays are there for a reason. Although I have done some work I have put it to the back of my mind for most of the holidays and I am looking forward to going back refreshed.

Before the holidays, my class were struggling with behaviour and I was really questioning my teaching skills (this is not a bad thing of course...I will be more worried the day I don't question them!)I put some strategies in place and was beginning to see results so I'm positiveabout returning and hopefully seeing a continued improvement...fingers crossed!!!

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